Connecting people and property in a smarter way

Welcome to Wonego. At Wonego, we connect people and property.

Whether you are a tenant, a landlord or an agent, you can create your own profile. You can add credentials to your profile and invite friends, family, former landlords, tenants, housemates or clients to endorse you. References can be added if desired, for instance, so that tenants can prove their credibility to prospective landlords or agents. This makes Wonego’s accreditation system unique.


But Wonego doesn’t stop here. Wonego also offers matching based on compatibility and personal preferences and lifestyles. Tenants can be matched to other tenants, landlords or properties automatically, depending on what each party is looking for. Wonego even shows how close of a match tenants and properties are. Tenants can also create groups to search for properties, to be more attractive to landlords and agents, for instance for houses with multiple occupiers. The search works for landlords and agents as well, where they can search for tenants. 


In order to build a trusted community, tenants, landlords and agents have the ability to give feedback on their experience, so other users will know who to avoid and who is a credible match. 


Last but not least, your Wonego profile can also work and be integrated with property portals to give more credibility to your application.